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Kitchen space is primary in any house, it takes the central stage. From happy family get-together to having your first meal of the day, everything happens in the kitchen. Homemakers in the UK mostly prefer high-quality granite stones or tough quartz stones. For obtaining superior Granite worktops in Essex, it is advisable to contact local stone manufacturers and installers.

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Granite Stones

Granite is considered as a status symbol of the upper middle class and rich people when it comes to remodelling the kitchen countertops. It is long-lasting and durable siliceous stone. However, being a natural stone it has minor deformities such as small cracks and tiny holes that are filled during the production process. But these negligible faults do not affect its functioning or durability.

As compared to marble and various other natural stones, granite is much more resistant to acid attacks from cleaning agents, lemon or vinegar. The stone does not etch or stain easily. When you are cleaning the granite stone surface, you should use cleaning products that do not damage the quality of the stone or its sealed surface.

Quartz Stones

Quartz countertops are engineered from natural quartz to produce man-made quartz varieties such as Silestones, Unistone, Cambria, techno-quartz, and Caesarstone amongst others. Natural quartz is one of the toughest materials on earth. Thus these stones are much durable and flexible than granite stones. Most of the reputed suppliers of quartz countertops also offer warranty for these man-made stones.

Quartz being an engineered artificial stone is also nonporous and 99% stain resistant. There is no need to seal or reseal the countertops. Homemakers with quartz countertops do not have to sign an annual maintenance contract. The surface is more hygienic as it is smooth and rigid. Considering these features of quartz worktops Essex, they are very easy to clean and preserve than other stone types.

For super quality granite and quartz stones, you can hire the expert specialists AMR Granite, who design, manufacture and install top quality granite, marble and quartz worktops. We provide finest materials, best stonemasons, skilled fabricators and efficient high-standard workmanship. All your requirements regarding ideal kitchen worktops Essex are prioritized and handled by our professional and experienced labour team. We also give sound advice and assistance in choosing stones that suit your kitchen atmosphere.

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